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"It's time for open primaries in Florida"

"If you can't vote in the primary, you're not alone"

"Orange County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles opened his e-mail Monday afternoon to find a fuming message from an Orlando voter with the subject line, "This is not right!"

"I just found out that Florida is a closed primary state?" the voter wrote. "This is definitely un-American!"

The e-mail, no doubt, was from one of the 3.2 million voters in Florida who are barred from having a say in Tuesday's presidential primary because they aren't registered with one of the two major political parties.

Think about that.

More than a quarter of the state's voters are left out." 

So they're going crazy for equal voter access in Florida primaries... why aren't we going crazier in Colorado where fully 37(!)% are registered independent?!? @jimjonas text here.

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